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At Casa Privée, we have not only the most sophisticated machines available on the market today, but the most experienced staff on hand to guide you through your wellness journey backed by science, and proven methods to address your concerns.

Professor Dr. Bankole A. Johnson has dedicated his professional life to understanding how the brain works in health and disease, how to optimize brain function to prevent disease, and promote health, wellness, anti- aging, and beauty. Prof. Dr. Bankole Johnson has made striking breakthroughs in the brain science, especially for diseases that are associated with poor impulse control.


Prof. Dr. Johnson has been called “one of the leading brain scientists in the nation, and “one of the people making the largest contributions to the study of neuroscience” Prof. Dr. Bankole Johnson holds over 80 global patents in the brain sciences, particularly on how genes affect behavior.


The Professor, a licensed physician and board- certified psychiatrist in the United States. He is board certified in psychiatry and Neurology, Addiction, Forensic medicine, and disability assessment. Prof Dr. Bankole Johnson has made many strides in medicine and science which have earned him a myriad of awards.


Professor Dr. Bankole Johnson gained national attention for his appearance in the Home Box Office (HBO) 2007 documentary Addiction, which won the Governor’s Award (a special Emmy Award) from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. This being the highest award presented by the Academy. He also appeared on the esteemed 2009 CNN special, anchored by Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, called Addiction: Life on the Edge. Furthermore, Prof Dr. Bankole Johnson is a regular medical correspondent for major network channels in the USA, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Presently, he is the Founder, Executive Chairman, and CEO of Casa Privée., based in Miami, and the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Adial Pharmaceuticals Inc., a NASDAQ listed company. Professor Dr. Johnson also functions as a Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Larkin University in Miami.

Carolina Johnson studied medicine and psychology in Central America. She is also a student of Prof. Tal Ben Shahar from Harvard. She specializes in providing our clients the tools to implement healthy habits that boost neuroplasticity and revive areas of our brain, alongside our top technology at the Clinic.

Her expertise is all based on Research, Positive Psychology, and Happiness Sciences to help expand and maintain results from our treatments and therapies with relevant experience related to oxygenation and holistic treatments.


An international medical doctor specializing in aesthetic medicine, with a passion for anti-aging, beauty, and longevity. She focuses her treatments on stimulating collagen production and promoting a younger self from the inside out. With more than 10 years of experience in the latest technologies and advanced aesthetic treatments, she seeks to deliver the most individualized and effective treatments for each of her patients. Her favorite most effective procedures include Potenza, Tempsure, and chemical peels for aging and acne-prone skin. Her comprehensive approach addresses the total health and well-being of your skin.

Jhonny Perez was born in Miami, FL. He obtained his medical degree in Iberoamerican University. He serves as the lead medical consultant at Casa Privée. In addition to being part of our team, he is a Firefighter/Paramedic for the City of Miami. Providing over 13 years of experience in Emergency Medicine and Prehospital Trauma life support

Her expertise is all based on Research, Positive Psychology, and Happiness Sciences to help expand and maintain results from our treatments and therapies with relevant experience related to oxygenation and holistic treatments.


“Dying is a waste of time…”
…focus on holding back time”

I was sitting next to a 40 year old after a funeral, and she looked over and said – “I wish I too could grow old and die with dignity”.  My response was sudden “why do we have to die at all?” There are many creatures on this planet that do not grow old and die so why do humans, and what is so great about growing old and sick?”. “Well”, she said, “who wants to live forever?”. “If you could be guaranteed perfect health, vivacity, and no disease, why would anyone wish to die? Surely, we would all wish to live”. The key here is having “great health” because as modern medicine has extended life, it has come at the cost of chronic diseases, particularly cancer, heart disease, and diseases of the aging brain to name a few. 


No one has discovered the fountain of youth. In fact, some scientists have considered it a folly to try and achieve this…but they may not always be right!  The science of holding back time, and preventing age, and some hope, to reverse it, is actually gathering ahead at great pace. 


Here is an important secret. One of core reasons why we age and die is because our genes degenerate. You see, our genes are protected by a cap called the telomeres. As you grow older, your telomeres shorten, the genome becomes, more readily oxidized, unstable, and the rate of DNA mutations increase – that is the rate of cancer, heart, metabolic, brain disease, and other chronic diseases. Worse still, some of our cells become inactive (i.e., stop working) and others release chemicals that cause inflammation and metabolic disarray especially in lipid and cholesterol, leading to bloating and hard to shift fat deposits. This inflammation worsens the prospects of chronic diseases. These changes are seen in what is called the epigenome. 


We can measure your true biological age using epigenetic tests. This is the age you really are. It is not your birthday, which is the day you were born. For you to be healthy, your biological age must be lower than your birth age, and best, if the difference is more than 5 years.  Now, that we can measure your true biological age, can we stop or reverse the aging process, and quantify how much progress has been made? Yes, we can!


Whilst we do not seem able to completely reverse aging, there is evidence we can “hold back time”. At Casa Privée we do this through Prof Dr. Johnson’s concept that he calls AIR.

A – air, in the form of hyperbaric or high pressure oxygen reaching at least 2 – 2.4 atmospheres. Hyperbaric (HBOT) machines are the most powerful anti-oxidant at the level of the cell to keep the cells healthy and also, importantly, stop the shortening of the telomeres or even lengthen them again by up to 20%.  This revolution in knowledge is a potent means to reverse or arrest aging. The record in reversing aging stands at about 5 years. Imagine that! Few modern high efficiency HBOT machines are available in Miami!

I – intravenous biological support. To prevent aging your cells need to be at peak performance. We provide a special and proprietary combination of nutrients and cofactors that stimulate the “engines” within the cell. We supplement this with 6-point advice to boost microbiome (gut) health, immunity, and decrease inflammation. 

R – regenerative genetic based products are used to optimize the function of genes and help to revitalize cellular function. These products can help the body repair cellular damage and restore function.  


You do not have to be old to start anti-aging treatment. Indeed, most of those wishing to live a longer, healthier, and more productive life start this process as early as their 30’s. The earlier you start, the better!


Are there added benefits to anti-aging treatment apart from just slowing aging ? Yes, the same processes are applied to help individuals with concussion and head injury (e.g., seen prominently with NFL, boxers, and basket ball players), anyone who has suffered a head injury in an accident, diseases of the aging brain like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, speed recovery after plastic surgery (e.g breast augmentation), and there is growing evidence that this approach may be a future innovative treatment for mental health diseases. 


You might ask yourself, why have I not heard of this? Well, you have now!  Why seek us for this treatment at Casa Privée – because it is leading world center here in Miami, and the only private medical facility that has all the parts of the AIR concept and expertise under one roof.  


Ten reasons to seek Prof. Dr. Bankole Johnson:


  1. One of the leading Neuroscientists and Physician Scientist in the world
  2. Specialist in and has held Distinguished Professorships in Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, Pharmacology, and Neuroscience
  3. An MD with 2 additional doctoral degrees including a DSc. – the highest doctoral award that can be awarded by a British University.  When received, less than 10 recipients had achieved this in over 500 years
  4. Educated at the Universities of Glasgow, London, and Oxford (in alphabetical order)
  5. Numerous prestigious national awards for science, medicine, and technology
  6. Over 300 scientific publications in medicine including 7 books
  7. Over 100 global patents in genetics and the understanding of how the brain communicates with itself, aging, psychiatry, and addiction medicine
  8. One of the “Best Doctors in America”
  9. Regular ad hoc expert medical correspondent for major networks
  10. Believes in ultra-personalized, and individualized medical care focussed on optimizing the client or patient


At Casa Privée, an opulent high-technology, concierge medical center, you will experience the very best of care. Our mantra is simply – “Time Travel in Medicine”


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